Peak Club Conference Series

Join us for the Peak Series webinars!  

The Peak Series is designed with clubs in mind, but is also for parents, coaches, officials and everyone else helping to grow skiing and snowboarding in the United States. Join in on the monthly events to learn the latest on everything from introducing young children to snow to dealing with illness and injury. 



Alpine Parent Presentations
There are three web presentations for parents of USSA alpine ski racers, one for each region. The focus of these presentations is on answering common questions parents have about skiing time, competition, results and performance, equipment and more, led by USSA Sport Education Director Jon Nolting. Regional staff are also be on-hand to answer questions.

We've talked about SkillsQuest, why it's important and the concepts behind it. This presentation is focused on the SkillsQuest skiing skills assessment and how to evaluate the skiers in the various exercises and then use that assessment to guide training. 

Dealing with Concussions
The USSA's Medical Director Kyle Wilkens discusses the USSA's concussion policy and how to deal with concussions in athletes. He shares the signs, symptoms and more of concussions and how to respond appropriately.

Children's Course Setting Rules and Principles
Sport Education Director Jon Nolting helps you understand the reasons behind the new rules and how you can set for success.

Snowboarding/Freeskiing Parent Webinar
Snowboarding and freeskiing Program Manager Abbi Nyberg and Sport Education Director Jon Nolting discuss the USSA's snowboarding and freeskiing development and competition programs and teach about long-term skier and rider development and how you as a parent can support your athlete in their skiing and riding pursuits.

Peak Series Comes to Copper
Alpine Program
– USSA Alpine Director Patrick Riml will provide an overview of the USSA’s alpine development program with a focus on preparation of developing athletes for the U.S. Ski Team. 

Regional Development - USSA Regional Alpine Director Dr. Lester Keller will take a look at national development with a background on the USSA’s regional programs and an overview of the upcoming 2013-14 competition calendar.

Sport Education - USSA Sport Education Director Jon Nolting will provide insights into coaches education with an overview of how to get the most out of the USSA’s Center of Excellence TV on Dartfish, along with updates on the newly introduced SkillsQuest program. 

USSA leadership will also discuss latest FIS alpine equipment rules and provide an update on the USSA's newest programs and offerings. It’s also an opportunity to meet the USSA’s new chief operating officer, Olympian Tiger Shaw.

Project Gold Camps
Presented by Abbi Nyberg

Project Gold Camps are an integral part of freeskiing and snowboarding development. Project Gold brings the top junior athletes in the country together for a progressive talent development camp, training with the U.S. National Team coaching staff and honing their talent. Learn more about getting your athletes involved in this program and how it works in this webinar.

Alpine Development Pipeline
Presented by Dr. Lester Keller

One of the most important parts of ski racing is development. Through the alpine development pipeline, a clear path for achievement is laid out for athletes. National Alpine Development Director Lester Keller will discuss how tomorrow's Olympians are being developed today.

SkillsQuest and Development
Presented by Jon Nolting

SkillsQuest is a cornerstone program designed to motivate and reward athletes in working toward and improving abilities in the key areas of emphasis of the ATS. As its name implies, it represents a quest, or journey, toward success in ski racing, by focusing on skills, the critical components that make up a high performing athlete. It includes activities and competencies for skills, technique and tactics, conditioning, equipment preparation, performance psychology and athlete management. The program, unrolled for alpine in 2013, is being created for each of the USSA's sports.

Cross Country Training System
Presented by Bryan Fish

Elite teams are an important part of sport, but it is also important to develop the next generation of Olympians. Cross country development coach Bryan Fish will talk about the Cross Country Training System and how your club can work on developing the elite athletes of tomorrow

Coaches Education and Club Communications
Presented by Tom Kelly, Jon Nolting and Brian Krill

Good coaches are a key part of every club. Learn more about what tools are available for USSA coaches to further their education and take their team to the next level. Jon Nolting and Brian Krill will talk about the options available, as well as what the future holds for coaches education. Additionally, the USSA has made changes to its stakeholder communications program to better target and disseminate important organizational information. Communications Vice President Tom Kelly will explain these changes, which are the result of an extensive self-study delivered this spring to the USSA Board of Directors.

Club Development Program
Presented by Jon Nolting and Brian Krill

The USSA is launching a Club Development program focused on education, certification and recognition. This program will complement other USSA development initiatives, including an expansion of its coaches education program and SkillsQuest, a national fundamental skills development program. Coach and club development leaders Jon Nolting and Brian Krill will share plans for these programs and explain how clubs can benefit from these programs.


What is the Peak Club Conference series?
The Peak Club Conference series is a new series of webinars designed with clubs in mind. Over this season, monthly webinars will be held to discuss general club-related information, with smaller monthly webinars devoted to sport-specific content. 

Upcoming Webinars
December 10, 2013 - Children's Course Setting Rules and Principles




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