Purchase a Short Term Membership

Follow the steps below to purchase a USSA Short Term Membership. If you have any questions regarding USSA membership see the Membership FAQs below or click the Live Support link to talk with a Membership Representative.

Create a My USSA account or log in to your existing account.
  A My USSA account allows you to manage your membership(s) along with providing access to numerous other benefits. To create a My USSA account click the "Create a My USSA account" button below. Your My USSA account is absolutely FREE. Later you will use your My USSA account to link it with your member record.

If you have already created a My USSA account, please log in now. If you have forgotten your My USSA username or password click here.


Register a new USSA member.
  In the "My Account" box on your My USSA page click the link labeled "Register a new USSA member". You will be redirected to the online Membership application. You may purchase a new USSA membership for yourself or for someone else (i.e. a parent who needs to register a new USSA membership for their child).

Membership FAQs
What methods of payment do you accept?

The USSA accepts Amex, Discover, Mastercard or Visa for online registrations. We also accept checks (persoanl or cashier), money orders, Amex, Discover, Mastercard or Visa for paper applications (FIS, Short-Term and club renewals).

How quickly can I get a membership card?

Athlete memberships are immediate through online registration. Once you have registered/renewed, you may download a membership card from your My USSA account. Manual applications/renewals may take up to several weeks depending on the time of season.

NOTE: Coaches and officials who are pending for either background screening or completion of the Fast Start Coaching Course are not eligible to participate and will not be able to print a membership card the USSA receives a green light determination on background screening and/or the Fast Start Coaching Course has been completed.


What is FIS?

FIS stands for the Federation of International Skiing. It is an international registration required for some upper level competitions held in the U.S. and abroad. FIS ages and deadline may vary by sport. Please contact USSA Member Service for details at membership@ussa.org or 435.647.2666.

How can I get a receipt for my membership?

Members using the online registration system will be automatically emailed a receipt. If registering by mail, fax or email and you require a receipt, please note your request on the application or renewal form. Otherwise, you may contact Member Services by phone at 435.647.2666 or by email at membership@ussa.org to obtain a receipt.

Can I sign up at an event on the day of the race?

Some event organizers do let athletes register on site, but there is no guarantee. USSA recommends you sign up online to avoid problems and delays in activating your membership. On site registration is prohibited for coaches and officials.

How long does it take to get a membership processed?

Online registration for USSA athlete memberships is immediate.

NOTE: Coach and official memberships may require successful completion of USSA's background screening and/or Fast Start Coaching Course prior to activation.Please allow several weeks for background screening (longer for foreign coaches). Screening times vary, so please register early.  

Does everyone pay the late fee?

New members are exempt from late fees. The USSA late fee is applied to all renewing members, with the exception of those who hold only an official’s membership. If any other membership is held then the USSA late fee does apply. Please be advised that division and/or state organizations may charge a late fee in addition to the USSA late fee and may charge late fees to youth and official members.

Can I renew/join over the phone?

No, USSA cannot accept registrations by phone. USSA accepts applications through our online registration system.

How do I know if I need a USSA membership?

If you are participating in a USSA sanctioned event you must have a USSA membership.

Linking members to a My USSA account

One of the many benefits of a My USSA account is that you can use it to manage any number of Member accounts. For example, if you're a parent you can link your son's or daughter's member account and thus have the ability to easily renew their membership or see their ranking. In order to manage a Member account you need to link the Member account to your My USSA account. This can happen one of the following ways:

  • Automatically: When you create a My USSA account, if the last name, date of birth, and gender you enter are the same as a Member account on file then you will be asked if you want to link the two accounts together. 
  • Manually: You can manually link Member accounts by visiting the "Link Additional Members" page and following its instructions.


Benefits of your USSA Membership:

  • Participate in USSA events
  • Access to discounts from USSA partners and suppliers see list
  • Subscription to a top ski or snowboard magazine
  • Access to select athlete and member tools
  • Directed content based on your sport and area of interest
  • Access to Center of Excellence TV
  • Access to USSA educational materials through the USSA Education shop
  • Excess participant accident insurance during USSA sanctioned events*. Click here for details.