Tom Wallisch Sets World Record Railslide

2016-04-19 10:47

Many skiers hang up their gear when springtime emerges. But Tom Wallisch (Pittsburgh, PA) took out the Guinness Book of World Records and set a goal—break the record for the world’s longest rail grind on skis.

The previous record was 241 feet; Wallisch and his crew build a 440-foot rail. In comparison, a football field is 360 feet long.

“The first time I saw it, I thought no way, I’ve made a horrible mistake,” said Wallisch. “It’s a mental battle, against yourself and against the rail.”

Watch Tom Wallisch grind a 440-foot rail to break a world record.

After hundreds and hundreds of attempts over four days, Wallisch finally stuck it.

“A childhood dream had come true,” said Wallisch. “I’ve been apart of the rail skiing movement for so many years, that it’s cool to have some sort of legacy in it—to have a record like that that means something. Hopefully it will hold on for some years to come, but you never know!”

Read more about Wallisch’s record-breaking feat from X Games.



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