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2012-05-29 12:32

Q: What is the USSA Fast Start Coaching Course?
A:  It is an on-line course designed to provide the ski or snowboard coach with essential tools they can apply with their sport knowledge to guide their athletes toward more success and enjoyment in skiing or snowboarding. The course also helps coaches understand the USSA athlete development model and age-appropriate training and familiarizes coaches with the concept of safe sport.

Q: Who needs to take this course?
A:  It is mandatory for any new USSA member coach and all renewing coaches who have not already completed the course and are not already certified.

Q:  Why do I need to take the USSA Fast Start Coaching Course?
A:  As a coach, you have a profound impact on each skier or rider you work with. Every level in the development of an athlete is important. Whether you will be volunteer coaching a few times in a season or coaching full-time, you will want to be prepared to make the most positive impact on your athletes as possible, and this course has been designed for that purpose.

Q:  What is the cost of this course?
A:  The Fast Start Coaching Course will cost $10 for coaches who are required to complete it with their coaching membership.  The $10 charge will automatically be assessed when the coach registers or renews.  The course may be purchased by a coach who doesn't wish to pursue USSA membership, or by a coach looking to use it as a continuing education credit, for $20 (click here to order).  The subsequent Fast Start Update courses will be free (update courses begin in 2015).

Q:  What are the benefits of taking this course?
A:  This course is designed to provide coaches with a basic knowledge of the fundamental coaching skills for skiing and snowboarding that will make them more effective coaches. It is full of resources and tools so that coaches will know where to find information when they need it. In addition, coaches who complete this course will receive a $20 credit to be used in the same season toward a USSA coaching clinic or toward several of the educational CDs and DVDs offered by USSA Sport Education at the Education Shop.

Q:  Is a coach who completes this course "certified", and do they need to complete continuing education every two years?
A:  No, coaches must complete the Level 100 requirements for their sport in order to become certified. A coach who has not started on the certification track (by completing a Level 100 course in their sport) will need to complete an on-line Fast Start Update course every three years. This update course will include current safe sport guidelines and sport coaching updates.

Q:  Does a formerly certified coach who has let their certification lapse (no continuing education record on file and USSA database shows status as expired) need to take this course upon registration?
A:  No. However, the Fast Start course may be used to satisfy the continuing education requirements for a Level 100 or 200 coach to re-gain their certification status. This course may only be used for continuing education once. Level 300 coaches and higher may not use the Fast Start course for continuing education.

Q:  What are the details of the USSA Fast Start course?
A:  The course is completed on-line and will take approximately 60-90 minutes. The coach will be asked multiple choice questions to confirm their knowledge of the topics. The course directs the coach to many useful websites and supporting documents that they can retain for future reference, so some coaches may spend much more time in the course as they find materials that are of particular interest. The coach will be able to leave the course at any time and progress will be saved.

Q:  When should the course be taken?
A:  The course should be completed when registering or renewing USSA membership, or within 14 days from registering for membership. The coach's membership status will show as pending until the course is completed. Remember, a pending coach will not be permitted to act in a coaching capacity at USSA events and will not receive coach lift tickets or access to the venue.

Q:  How do I access the course?
A:  If the course was added during your membership registration, go to and use your myUSSA login to access the course. After this initial log-in, the course will be available from your myUSSA dashboard using the USSEC Courses link in your tools. To purchase the course for continuing education, click here. You'll receive an email from USSA Sport Education when you have been registered and you'll be able to access the course as described above. Note: you must have a myUSSA account.

Q:  Are membership fees refunded if membership is canceled due to not completing the Fast Start Coaching Course?
A:  No.

Q:  What if I plan to attend an early season Level 100 course (USSA or USASA)?
A:  You will still need to take the Fast Start coaching course. The content in Fast Start is complementary to the Level 100 courses for each sport and will give you a background that will be helpful for the Level 100. Plus, with the $20 credit from completing Fast Start, you will save on your Level 100 registration!

Q:  What if I am in the process of getting my Level 100 certification but haven't completed all the requirements?
A:  You will need to complete all of your Level 100 requirements and complete your certification prior to renewing, or else you will need to take the Fast Start course.

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