Bode Miller Talks About His Future

2015-02-08 09:49

BEAVER CREEK, CO (Feb. 8, 2015) – Bode Miller left his future options open in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Dan Hicks that aired during coverage of the men’s downhill Saturday from Beaver Creek. Miller’s teammate Travis Ganong won the silver medal with three Americans in the top nine.

Miller spoke candidly about the accident and his future in ski racing, leaning towards retirement but clearly leaving the door open.

“I was gearing for this since the beginning of the season and it took a lot of focus,” he said. “To come here and put a race together that I thought had a good chance of getting me on the podium and then turn south on me at the bottom of the course is tough to swallow. But, physically, I’ll be alright.”

Starting ninth, Miller had been leading through every split until 59 seconds into the race, when he hooked his left arm on a gate coming out of the Abyss. It spun him around at high speed, causing him to crash. He was quick to get on his feet and signal his family in the finish that he was OK. But one of his skis had cut his lower right leg.

He revealed there were actually two separate cuts, one of which severed a hamstring tendon. He chose to have surgery, which was successful, but would keep him out of action for a few months.

Miller was relieved that the injury wasn’t more severe, but disappointed he couldn’t showcase his Bode style one more time at the World Championships on Birds of Prey.

“I’m sad that I’m not able to run the downhill,” he said. “I had something else to show on that course. I would have liked to have run it this year. At the same time, I’m happy and fortunate to come out of a crash like that without anything more severe.”

When asked by Hicks about retiring, he replied:  “I have no idea. I mean, I tried retiring a couple of times and it just didn’t really stick, but at some point enough things conspire together and it does stick. And then, like I said I’m not one of those people who needs a grand showing off or parade, I just won’t be there. “

“Have you made up your mind,” asked Hicks?

“No, I haven’t yet,” said Miller. “But I’m leaning pretty heavy towards not—not going out there anymore.”

Looking back on his career, Miller spoke to Hicks about how we wanted to be remembered. “I hope people see truth when I ski,” said Miller. “I don’t have an agenda when I’m out there. I don’t try to cover things up or look cool. Skiing is such a raw sport and people pick out what they want to see.

“That’s would be something I would hope would stand out - the honesty of my skiing.”

NBC Bode Miller Interview


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