2017-18 Stacey Cook/SVST Scholarships Announced

Megan Harrod
2017-10-11 18:06

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA (Oct. 11, 2017) – Veteran U.S. Ski Team member and three-time Olympian Stacey Cook (Mammoth Lakes, CA) has announced scholarship recipients of the 2017-18 Stacey Cook/Sun Valley Ski Tools (SVST) Competition Team. Recipients are chosen based on criteria such as passion and dedication to the sport, community involvement and character.

Cook, who hopes to be skiing in her fourth Olympics this season in PyeongChang, South Korea, is proud of the program and the support she has been able to give juniors in this scholarship program over the last 11 years, in tandem with Jim and Norma Vermillion, owners of SVST.

“I’m very proud of this program to now be in its 11th year. Sport does produce many successes other than just winning, which this scholarship tries to recognize,” noted Cook. “I believe heavily in honoring the many successes that this sport creates.

What is so unique about the scholarship is that it is not awarded simply based on merit on the hill, but also looks at attributes of juniors off the hill, encouraging a well-rounded approach to life. “This group of athletes put many successes on display like the value and joy in working hard, establishing and reaching goals, passion, strong character, and strong mind and bodies amongst many other characteristics,” Cook said. “I truly love this opportunity to give back, but I also know it is really big to have a company and an older athlete believe in you because I was once a recipient of this program myself and owe a lot of my confidence to it.”

Jim and Norma Vermillion also would like to extend a warm welcome to the 2017-18 Stacey Cook/SVST Team. “We are very proud to provide you with a few products to tune and repair your equipment to the finest standards in the industry,” the Vermillions shared. “Observing the intensity of your commitments as the season progresses is a huge shot in the arm for us to continue with this program year after year. It is our hope that the tools and wax, along with guidance in tuning/waxing techniques from Jeff, and watching Stacey compete in World Cup competitions all over the globe, will inspire you in every area of your life! Being so dedicated as you all are is not easy – we admire your commitment and courage to do what most of us will never experience! Ski safe - Ski FAST!”

This year Cook has selected seven juniors. Scholarship recipients receive $500 of tools from SVST and $500 of Raceservice Wax.

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(Name, Birth Year, Club, Hometown)

Preston O’Brien, ’01, Sugar Bowl Academy, Greenwood Village, CO
Chris and Jack Orear, ’02, Winter Park Competition Center, Winter Park, CO
Grace Palmer, ’03, Stratton Mountain School, Arlington, MA
Ava Pekarek, ’02, Squaw Valley Ski Team, Truckee, CA
Blake Piper, ’99, Green Mountain Valley School, Waitsfield, VT
Anastasia Seator-Braun, Mammoth Mountain Ski Team, Mammoth Lakes, CA


Preston O’Brien
I want to say a huge thank you for choosing me for this scholarship. With the right tools, I will hopefully be able to take my skiing to the furthest level. I already own some of my own SVST tools and know that they are very high quality. Being supported by one of the best American skiers and tuning companies means the world to me. To have more people behind me this season is so helpful and means so much to me!

Chris Orear
I would just like to say thank you to SVST and Stacey for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to win this amazing scholarship.

Jack Orear
I am extremely honored to have been chosen as a recipient of this award. It is a very exciting opportunity, and I am so grateful to Stacey and Sun Valley Ski Tools for offering me this scholarship.

Grace Palmer
This scholarship means a lot to me. This scholarship allows me to care for my skis in the best way possible, which will be so beneficial to my results this season; a tenth of a second can put someone in first or fifth. Winning a scholarship run by Stacey Cook is also an incredible feeling on its own. Being able to talk to the person that I have been watching crush the World Cup tour and Olympics is extremely motivational, and reminds me that these superhuman athletes are real people who came from a similar place as me.

Blake Piper
I'm so honored that I was one of the few chosen for this scholarship. I believe that in the sport of ski racing, the mental aspect of it all plays a huge part in whether someone succeeds or not, and receiving this scholarship helps me to believe in myself and my potential as a ski racer even more than I did. I look forward to representing this organization this season. 

Anastasia Seator-Braun
Ever since I started racing I have been fascinated with how waxing and tuning my skis made a difference in my skiing. At age 7, my dad taught me how to wax skis and I loved how different kinds of wax can be used for different snow conditions. I wasn't able to tune my edges at that age but I always knew the importance of it, and I am now tuning my skis. When Stacey first announced that I had won this scholarship I didn't know what to say, I was quite overwhelmed that I was thought of in such high regard. I am proud and grateful for this opportunity and I am very excited to use the SVST products. 



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