Special Offers for USSA Members

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015

‘Twas the month of many holidays, and here on our blog,
We're sharing some news that'll make you spit out your egg nog.

We know this time of year, we're knee-deep in competition.
And to top it all off let's throw in holiday tradition.

Instead of stressing, we hope you remember,
The many perks of being a USSA member.

Don't worry about the crowds in the malls and bazaars,
Get huge savings by shopping with USSA rewards.

For DVDs or educational resources the first place to stop,
Is none other than the USSA Sport Education Shop.

With years’ worth of world cup winning runs,
Inspire skiers for seasons yet to come.

You can be sure not a single soul will be missed,
And know that you're always at the top of our list.

So let this reminder be our gift to you,
Without you our season would definitely be blue.

We're sending this message with joy and jubilation,
Happy Holidays from Sport Education!

For great stocking stuffers, go to the education shop and check out USSA Rewards! You can also access the rewards, by logging in to your myUSSA account - an offers button should appear on the right side of your account home screen. Use your USSA membership to get discounts and offers from our wonderful partners, sponsors and suppliers. From all of us in Sport Education, we wish you a happy and safe season.

The Clubhouse: With the season picking up, this post's featured resources are the official USSA travel guidelines and a template to create a travel guide to distribute to your club.
This month, the Club Excellence Workshop series will be focusing on Club Logisitics, with an emphasis on working with and supporting Officials. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, December 15th, at 11am MST to catch this webinar, and then get caught up on past webinars. Webinar site: //  Call in: 1 (646) 982-0240  PIN: 321879#

Coaches Corner: Watching the best in the world compete can be a great teaching tool while also inspiring young athletes to dream big. There are now more ways than ever before to view high-level competitions in all USSA sports. Incorporate viewings of these competions into your programming! You can see what competitions are coming up and where to watch them here: //
For all of the Alpine coaches, be sure to check out the brand new Alpine Pocket Guide in the USSA Education Shop.  This would be a great holiday gift to distribute to coaches.

Parent Perspective: Each season parents share their greatest gift with your club, their children. Make sure your club's parents know about the USSA Volunteer and General memberships: discounted memberships designed especially for parents and guardians to include them in the USSA community. Also share this article and new resource with your parents - competitive snowsports are really tough, but the life lessons learned are invaluable. This article and resource will help your club parents understand The Gift of Failure.  

Clinic Schedule: Here is the most updated version of the clinic schedule by discipline: AlpineCross CountryFreeskiFreestyleNordic, and Snowboarding.

Featured Athletes: Over the last several weeks the official 2015-16 Alpine Ski Team, Nordic Combined Ski Team, and Cross Country Ski Team have been announced. Check out who they are, where they come from, and more about our nation's best. Stay tuned for the official announcements of the Ski Jumping Team, Freestyle Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S Freeskiing

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