Developing Funds and Resources for Your Club

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015

We're kicking off November with a conversation on giving. We know the topic is a little overdone in November, but this blog will provide you with some fresh ideas, practical tools, and a new perspective on how to get your club the support it needs. Fundraising typically gets a bad reputation for being frightening and forced, but this presentation from Director of Sport Education, Brian Krill, aims to reduce some of that stigma. 

Is your fantasy football team getting you down?  How about trying something new this season? Play fantasy ski racer

As an opportunity to earn some more funding for your club, we are excited to share some news from our friends at Fantasy Ski Racer.  They are offering $20,000, and the Kelly Brush Foundation is offering an additional $12,000, to clubs who participate and succeed in playing some Fantasy Ski Racer this season.  For more information, check out this flyer and the Fantasy Ski Racer website. Good luck!

The Clubhouse: This post's featured resource is RallyMe. This crowdfunding platform has helped USSA clubs and athletes achieve their dreams by raising over $1 million. For more information on how you or your club can get involved check out this fact sheet and visit the official page for USSA on

Also be sure to join us for our Club Programming Webinar on Thursday, November 19th at 11am MST, as part of the USSA Club Excellence Workshops

Coaches' Corner: Building a Team for the Season, by Jon Casson

Clinic Schedule: The most updated version of the clinic schedule can be found here for: Alpine, Cross Country, Freeski, Freestyle, Nordic, and Snowboard. As a reminder, the Sport Education staff will be in Copper Mountain, CO for part of this week and next for the Fall Alpine Symposium and Instructor Training.

Parent Perspective: Since we are on the theme of fundraising and financial resources - it is important to note the huge investment of time and money parents put into their children's participation in competitive snowsports.  This group of parent webinars from the heart of last season received a great deal of positive feedback.  We thought these would be excellent resources to either review as a staff, use to build your own parent presentations, or simply send out the appropriate links to your parent community.  This will help get the season off to a great start and help ensure that all the parents are "investing" in the true value of sport.

Featured Athlete: This post's featured athlete is Bryon Friedman.


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