Athlete Data to Strengthen the Future

Sunday, Sep. 7, 2014

The AMP Athlete Management Platform has been developed in collaboration between the USSA's high performance department and AMPSport.  Initially developed as a technology to better facilitate communication and data sharing between the coaches and performance service providers of the USSA's elite teams, AMP has expanded rapidly beyond that to provide athlete performance tracking and analytics, dynamic athlete evaluations and goal setting, media sharing and mobile applications.  Training sessions can now be scheduled, monitored and shared live, and ongoing athlete wellness and athlete/coach feedback can be tracked.  Daily updates are sent automatically to every member of an athlete's performance team.

The availability of AMP has been broadened by expanding to the USSA's clubs, and even more broadly through the use of AMP as a feedback tool in USSA talent development camps and through the incorporation of features supporting the SkillsQuest program.

As more and more clubs use AMP to manage their programs and their athletes, the potential of AMP to strengthen the future performance of our elite teams becomes even greater.  With ever-greater adoption, AMP is quickly becoming a standard platform for athlete data management.

A future where athlete data – training and performance histories, wellness logs and testing measurements – is portable with an athlete when they transfer from club-to-club or club-to-national team, is very powerful.  The ability for a new club or the national team to have access to athlete data histories from day 1 can provide a much more complete picture of athlete capabilities and preparedness for the new coaches and performance service providers, enhancing their abilities to design training programs, set and track goals and benchmarks, screen for deficiencies or critical areas, and better collaborate with the handing-off coaches.

Clubs are encouraged to consider AMP to enhance the performance and management of their clubs now, encourage increased engagement with their athletes, and strengthen the potential performance  of our elite teams in the future.

-Luke Bodensteiner, EVP Athletics

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