Why This Team Works

Monday, Jun. 3, 2013

It takes TEAM to be Best in the World. Just ask World Champion Jessie Diggins. Or any USSA national team athlete, for that matter. Jessie is a cross country skier. But she could just as well be an alpine racer, snowboarder, freeskier, aerialist or jumper. Her blog post Why This Team Works So Well capsulizes one of the "secrets" to being Best in the World.

This post is about something a little more meaningful than being sore, and I actually got onto the idea because of the French National Ski Team. Because of the success that our team had last season, all while making ridiculous music videos and having fun living on the road, some of the other ski teams started paying more attention to us. Especially the French coaches – they wanted to know what the big ”secret” was behind our breakout season. So they sent a coach with a camera to our camp here in Bend, and our coaches welcomed him with open arms…we don’t have anything to hide, as we don’t do weird crazy training. We just train HARD. While some may scratch their heads and wonder why we would train with other countries and let other national team coaches watch us train…it’s because we don’t have secrets. Besides one very important one: team chemistry. Read more in

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