Club Excellence Workshops

Various Club Expert Consultants and Jon Casson, the USSA’s Director of Sport Education, will conduct Club Excellence Workshop webinars. These workshops will focus on the major elements that contribute to club success.

These webinars:
•    Provide guidance to clubs in a variety of areas key to club success
•    Present and discuss the principles and practices of USSA Club Excellence
•    Include and engage more expertise and manpower within the club communities
•    Engage with more targeted contacts within the clubs
•    Exchange ideas, collaborate and encourage more club-to-club education
•    Assist clubs (and address questions) seeking certification or preparing for certification

We strongly suggest you think through who your club may want to involve in the various topics – especially if the primary club leader doesn’t have the time.

If you have questions about these workshops, or would like to voice specific club concerns that may be addressed in these workshops please contact Ellen Adams at

All Club Excellence Workshop webinars will be held at 11:00am MST, and will last for approximately 60 minutes. Agendas will typically be set as follows:

•    Presentation of Topic
•    Individual Clubs and Participants submit real-time examples of challenges and questions in the topic area
•    Questions Addressed and Examples Discussed

An annualized agenda following the Guide to Club Excellence can be seen in the table below.  Workshops will be held on either a Tuesday or Thursday (always at 11am MST) toward the middle of each month. Reminders of the date, time and topic will be sent out at the beginning of each month.

Month Topic
May Leadership and Governance
June Finance and Fundraising
July Fostering Club Culture
August PR, Marketing and Communications
September Athlete and Child Protection- Club Culture Revisited
October Human Resources
November USSA Club Programming
December USSA Club Logistics
February Program Assessment and Measuring Outcomes
April Strategic Planning


Club Excellence Webinar Information

Upcoming Webinars: 

April 25th, 11am MST- Strategic Planning






Club Excellence Workshop Recordings

February 2017

Webinar Recording: Program Assessment and Measuring Outcomes

December 2016

Webinar Recording: Club Logistics -  Running events and how they can positively impact your athletes, business and community

with Guest Presenter: Chuck Hughes

Chuck is the Director of the Killington Ski Club and Killington Mountain School Competitions Program as well as the Killington Mountain School Events Manager. Having just hosted the first World Cup Alpine races in the east in 25 years, Chuck talks about the importance of resort and community partnerships and the benefits and challenges of hosting events. The takeaways he shares are relevant for all clubs as they strive to host successful races, contests and events.

November 2016

Athlete Programming: USSA Training Systems- Applications to Club Programs

Link to USSA Training Systems Overview Page:


October 2016

Human Resources: New Employment Laws Affecting Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees

February 2016

Program Evaluation and Measureing Success - "What should a club measure? - Athlete Monitoring"

This presentation adapted from “Monitoring the Elite Athlete” by Wm. A. Sands, Ph.D. and Michael H. Stone, Ph. D. in Olympic Coach Magazine Volume 17 Number 3

December 2015

Club Logistics - Conflict Resolution

This Webinar references several resources in Club Culture 

In particular, here is the USSA Guide to Conflict Resolution and Mediation for clubs. 

November 2015

USSA Programming - Key Messges of Fundamentals, Athleticism, and Passion

October 2015

Athlete and Child Protection: "Injury Prevention in Skiing" - presented by Kyle Wilkens, USSA Medical Director

September 2015

"Human Resources: Stretegies to Value, Respect and Support your Coaching Staff" - Presented by Jon Casson, USSA Coach Development Manager

August 2015

"PR and Marketing" - increasing the value of the relationship with your host resort

July 2015

Fostering Club Culture - Primary Principles

June 2015

Financial lessons learned - club budget structure and tactics

with Guest Presenter: Ryan Walsh, Executive Director Team Park City United

Ryan is currently the Executive Director of Team Park City United. This club was newly formed over the last year as three local clubs joined forces. This club was recognized in its first season as the freeskiing and snowboarding club of the year, so they did not miss a beat on the athletic side of things. Behind the scenes they were also merging into one cohesive business under the new executive director's leadership. Ryan has a bachelor's degree in business finance and an MBA from the University of Rochester - William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration. Ryan has played a number of leadership roles with multiple businesses and nonprofit organizations both as a board member and as staff. Ryan will share lessons learned from his work over the last year forming one club, one budget, out of three exiting clubs, giving examples of important tactics all clubs can employ for success.

May 2015:

Leadership and Governance - Building and Sustaining a Strategically Diverse Board

April 2015:

Best Practices in Athlete Evaluation for all Stages of Development

November 2014:

Incorporating Feedback into your Program - best Principles and Practices due to technical difficulties this presentation was not recorded

Handout - Positive Coaching Alliance: Coach Job Description

Handout - Positive Coaching Alliance: Athlete Coaching Evaluation

Handout - Positive Coaching Alliance: Parent Coaching Evaluation

October 2014: SafeSport for USSA Clubs - Child Protection

Webinar Recording - SafeSport for USSA Clubs for handout see USSA Club Resource Center - Child Protection

September 2014: Human Resources - Position Descriptions and Evaluation

Webinar Recording - Position Descriptions and Evaluation

August 2014: PR and Marketing

Webinar Recording - PR and Marketing

July 2014: Fostering USSA Club Culture

Webinar Recording - Fostering Club Culture

June 2014: USSA Club Finance and Funding 

Webinar Recording - Club Funding and Finance

May 2014: Leadership and Governance - Board Basics

Webinar Recording - Ledership and Governance Basics

April 2014: Assessing organizational and program outcomes - starting your strategic plan. Due to technical difficulties this webinar was not recorded - see PP below. 

Powerpoint Slides - Assessing Organization and Program Outcomes

February 2014: Club and Program Evaluation and Assessment - Measuring Club Success

Webinar Recording - Club Evaluation and Assessment strategies

December 2013: USSA Club Logistics - Insurance Considerations and Contract Review with Special Guest Marla Peters with American Specialty Insurance

Webinar Recording - Club Insurance Considerations

November 2013: USSA Club Programming - Aligning your club with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Powerpoint and Webinar Recording - LTAD

October 2013: Athlete and Child Safety - Club Culture Revisited

Webinar Recording - Child/Athlete Safety and Club Culture


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