Ski racing in the United States uses two points lists to rank athletes:
USSA points ranks athletes nationally, and FIS points rank them internationally. 

Points are used to score races, rank competitors and establish start orders.  As there is no standard racecourse, a formula is used to calculate the points by relating a racer’s time to the winner’s time.  The winner is given 0.00 race points, and then a penalty is calculated and added to each racer’s points to produce the racer’s results.  This penalty is based on the points of the best competitors in the field, and the difference in time between the winner and the other competitors.  This procedure allows the scoring of different races on different slopes and different days, each with different levels of competition to be based on a common scale. 

The average of a racer’s best two results in each scored discipline will be the points posted to the USSA or FIS list, which are updated several times throughout the season.  In both cases, lower points reflect better performance.  These lists are used by race organizers to establish the start order for races, and for coaches to make selections to teams and certain events.

USSA Points

Athletes who compete in scored USSA events will earn USSA points.  Scored races begin for athletes aged 13 and up.  Non-scored USSA races do not earn USSA points. The USSA and FIS points systems are based on the same formula for scoring, however due to different dates of publication and a couple of other factors, a racer’s USSA and FIS point profile may differ somewhat. USSA points are used to qualify into regional championship events and other elite races with limited quota access, and they enable athletes to compare their performance to racers across the country.


FIS Points

Racers may register with the FIS and participate in FIS races in the year they turn 16. FIS racing is a progression from USSA racing, and your racer’s coach will help decide when it is appropriate to participate at this level. 

Please refer to the Alpine Competition Guide in the Resources section of the Parents’ Page for more detailed information on Points and the Points Lists.


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