Alpine Training System


The Alpine Training System matrix provides a complete overview of the long-term development of an alpine ski racer to reach their full potential in the sport.

Alpine Training System matrix

The document below contains presentation notes introducing the Alpine Training System and a description of key elements of the program.

Alpine Training System presentation

Additional Alpine Resources


SkillsQuest is a cornerstone program of the Alpine Training System. It is being developed for delivery in the 2012/13 season, but the skiing skills assessment portion of the program has been released in "beta" format for coaches to use this year. Full details are on the SkillsQuest webpage.

Course Setting Recommendations

A special emphasis should be made to ensure that course sets are age-appropriate so that they develop the full set of skills that athletes will need as they move through the development phases. The Alpine Training System course setting recommendations take into account several developmental factors to guide coaches.

ATS Course Setting Recommendations

Understanding the Children's Course Setting Rules

Relative Age

A common subject among ski racers is the impact of early versus late birthdays in the year on results and opportunity. While in the short-term through their pre & post puberty years there is an impact on race results, in the long run there is no advantage, as evidenced by this analysis of the top female and male racers and their birthdates. A long-term athlete development focus as prescribed in the Alpine Training System, and tools like SkillsQuest, minimize this short term "relative age effect".

USSA Relative Age Analysis

Chart showing birth month of top 30 skiers on World Cup- men

Chart showing birth month of top 30 skiers on World Cup - women

Parent Presentations from Junior Championship Events

The following are presentation handouts and notes designed for parents of Junior Championship athletes of the different ages. These are of interest to any parent or coach of athletes in the age groups below.

2011 J2 JO Parent Handout

2011 J3 JO Parent Handout

2011 J3 JO Parent Presentations

2011 J4 JO Parent Handout

2011 J4 JO Parent Presentations

Western Region J3 Parent Physical Assessment presentation

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