Alpine Ski Racing Vocabulary


A-Net Suspension net 4 to 6 meters tall installed in hazardous zones on alpine courses
ATS Alpine Training System: the USSA athlete development system
B-Net Safety nets used on the sides of courses for protection, supported by poles.
Base grind The pattern that is ground into the base of the ski depending on the snow type.
Bevel The angle that is applied to the side edge relative to the base of the ski.
Bibbo The start order of the top 30 finishers in SL and GS: 30th fastest goes 1st.
Booster straps Velcro straps applied to the cuff of ski boots to increased the stiffness.
Boot canting An adjustment made to boots to achieve a neutral stance.
brushes Nylon brush markers used alone or with gates in training courses to set the line.
diamond stone One of many different tuning toolsused to sharpen and polish ski edges.
first seed The top 15 ranked racers in an event.
FIS Federation Internationale de Ski: international governing body of ski racing.
flush A single combination of gates set in SL to change the rhythm or move across hill.
gummi Different grits of gummi stones are used to buff ski edges.
hairpin A double combination of gates set in SL to change the rhythm or move across hill.
headtax Portion of the race entry fee paid to USSA.
homologation Certification of a race course meeting FIS standards.
intent to compete Coaches intend their racers for an event; entry is dependent on quota
lifter A thin plastic platform attached to the binding to lift the boot higher off the ski.
make the flip To finish in the top 30 in the 1st run. Racer start position is "flipped" for 2nd run. 
NGB National Governing Body: USSA
NorAm North American Cup; a higher level FIS race series contested in the US and Canada
plomb The seal affixed to speed suits to testify they comply with FIS standards
QRP Qualification Race Points: the system used to select elite athletes to teams.
ROC Race Organizing Committee
sanction 1.Approve a race  2. Penalize an athlete.
sidecut/radius The regulated shape of the ski which determines the arc of the turn it can make.
snow seed In speed events when higher ranked athletes are sent ahead to clear new snow.
Speed/Tech DH and SG/SL and GS
stealth A protective, padded shirt worn under the speedsuit.
stubby Short gates used in training runs.
TD Technical Delegate: the representative of the FIS overseeing the race.
WR World Ranking


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